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 Tempur-Pedic is a highly-respected manufacturer and distributor of  the revolutionary Tempur Pedic collections of mattresses and bedding.  The idea of Tempur mattresses was originally conceived by the Swedish who were perfecting a NASA material prototype for spacecrafts. After intensive research and testing, Tempur was successfully adopted as a mattress material and used in the  mass production of Tempur collection of mattresses.                                    

Although Tempur-Pedric is a fairly new brand name, it has already curved a niche for itself among well-established brand names in the furnishing and bedding industry.  The first line of mattresses was developed in 1991 by Fagerdala World Foams, a Swedish technical firm.   The following year, the brand was introduced in the USA and incorporated as Tempur-Pedic. At the moment, Tempur-Pedric develops softer mattreses for people who desire more comfort and firm mattresses for people who prefer the traditional style and feel.

Tempur mattresses have a characteristic high-conforming property that allows them to react progressively to the weight, shape, and temperature of the user. Although the original Tempur-Pedic mattresses were immensely popular, they did not resonate well with everyone.  This compelled  the company’s scientists  to re-engineer the design and materials so that they could create more appealing mattresses.                                                                                            

Tempur-Pedic boasts of the only line of mattresses recognized by NASA®  and certified by The Space Foundation. Tempur-Pedic mattresses have also been singled out  for the prestigiuous Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation™, which recognizes  the following mattresses for their excellent comfort and suitability to Arthritis patients.


  • TEMPUR-Cloud® Mattress
  • TEMPUR-Cloud® Luxe Mattress
  • TEMPUR-Contour™ Mattress
  • TEMPUR-Rhapsody™ Mattress
  • TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Mattress
  • TEMPUR-Contour™ Signature Mattress


Tempur has a fine collection of mattresses for every conceivable need or preference. Alhtough each collection caters for a particular need, they all maintain an unquestionable level of comfort.


Tempur Choice Collection - Our famous body-conforming TEMPUR® support, plus multiple adjustable comfort zones, so each sleeper can select their own feel.                                  

Tempur-Weightless -  highly popular line of adaptive mattress that create a feeling of weightless comfort and provides some bounce.                                                                                

Tempur-Contour- highly-conforming that adjust to the users shape and cushion them while offering a range of feels.                      

Tempur Simplicity – the original basic mattreses that provide enduring comfort and contouring support at reasonable prices.

Although Tempur Pedic has received many accolades for its ingenious products and cutting-edge products, it’s not about to rest its laurels on the present accomplishments. The company keeps innovating new products and refining the existing collection of mattresses so as to enhance the level of comfort and support they offer. 

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