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Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster is a respectable mattress brand that was established by Seth Foster and G.S. Stearns in Cincinnati. The two partners shared a passion for innovation and craftsmanship that drove them into an horse-drawn carriage upholstery venture. Following the success of their upholstery business and the growing demand for clean and comfortable beddings, Stearns & Foster diversified into making mattresses for lodges and hotels.

After venturing into the bedding market, Stearns & Foster focused on producing the high-end luxury mattresses. Their quest for excellence was captured perfectly in the long-running tagline “"A Stearns & Foster Label on a Mattress Stands for All That Is Best that featured in their print ads from 1907. The company grew tremendously thanks to the incredible comfort and luxury of its mattresses.

Sealy bought Stearns & Foster towards the end of 1983. After acquiring the company, Sealy upheld the long-standing heritage of Stearns & Foster as a high-end luxury brand and incorporated its brand into the Sealy collections of mattresses.


Although the original founders are long dead, Sealy still maintains the values of innovation and excellent craftsmanship that have defined the legacy of Stearns & Foster for 165 years. This is the reason why Sterns & Foster remains the superior choice for high-end retailers from New York to Chicago.

The outstanding craftsmanship and quality of Stearns & Foster is encapsulated in its vibrant collection of mattresses. The  entire collection of mattresses are silk-infused and incorporates enveloping memory foam that will diffuse your tension and lull you into a peaceful and memorable sleep.                                        

At the moment,Sealy produces the followig 6 incredible lines of mattresses under the Stearns & Foster brand.

  • Traditional
  • Lux Estate
  • Luxury Latex
  • Estate
  • Golden Elegance
  • Monogram Gel Memory Foam

Whether you are looking for a firm feel of the Traditional line of mattresses or the indulging comfort of the Golden Elegance, one thing is clear; Stearns & Foster have an incredible legacy that few mattresses can rival.







       Lux Latex


     Lux Estate


      Monogram Gel, Memory Foam


     Golden Elegance



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