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Sealy is a distinguished and respectable manufacturer of high quality mattresses in the United States. The company started operations  as a one-man enterprise in a small town called Sealy in Texas. Over the years, Sealy widened its operations and now has 25 bedding plants across the nation.

Sealy’s journey to the top of the mattress industry spans over a century and is punctuated by a series of innovative bedding solutions.  Earl Edwards penned its famous slogan “Sleeping on a Sealy is like sleeping on a cloud.” And true to his words, Sealy has maintained the quality and comfort associated with its mattresses.

Sealy’s Meteoric rise wasn’t deterred by the Great Depression. As companies closed down or went bankrupt, Sealy managed to stay afloat and even introduced the innovative “Button-free Innerspring” mattress.  Today, Sealy continues to excel in the production of high quality mattresses and has been recognized widely for its persistent efforts and innovative bedding solutions.                                                                                                              

Sealy has a variety of mattress brands and special series brands designed to satisfy the individual needs of its customers. You can find its family of mattress brands everywhere from residential homes to hotels and even luxury resorts worldwide.

For those who don’t know, Sealy’s runaway success is  not pegged solely on its high end Stearns & Foster mattress or reinvention of innerspring coil  & the box spring. Its success is pegged on its long standing heritage and craftsmanship  that has enabled it to redefine comfort and luxury in intricate detail.

Up to date, Sealy has developed and patented various sleeping and pressure relief technologies designed to enhance the quality of sleep. Sealy’s influence and accomplishments extend beyond the bedding industry. Sealy was not only the first company to advertise a king size bed, but also the first to create an orthopaedic advisory board.

Although Sealy blazes the train in the bedding industry, the company is still firmly committed to helping the world sleep well through a range of innovative solutions and well-priced quality products. Whether you are looking for a comfortable mattress for a king size bed, or a Sealy Posturepedic mattress, you can rest assured that Sealy has your interest at heart.

Sealy is poised to continue its streak of success thanks to its innovative solutions, firm leadership, and excellent craftsmanship.


                                     Sealy Brand                                                           

   Available in:  Latex Foam,  Innerspring, and Gel Memory Foam       



Sealy PosturePedic  

    Available in:Classic Series, Gel Series, and Hybrid Series




  Available in: Density, Radiance, Inspiration,Vibrant, Elation, Desire, and Gel Latex



Stearns & Foster

 Available in: Traditional, Estate, Lux Estate, Luxery Latex, Monogram Gel, and Golden Elegance


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