If there’s one mattress that stirred up a lot of conversation and controversy recently, that would be the Serta iComfort. This is one of the latest models that you can find on the market and it features memory foam, all while being advertised to be fit for a king. Is this a mattress worth your hard earned money?






The design of this mattress is very good and for many this will make it seem like a best seller. While that’s not far from the truth, you have to keep in mind the fact that purchasing a mattress is not all about the design. This mattress looks very well though and there’s a lot of value to be had from using it. The design also allows the the mattress to be used with adjustable bases.


Features and Durability


The price is reasonable and depending on the model you might have to spend up to $3000 which is a lot to say the least. You can buy a factory second which is the product for the valve but at a much cheaper price. The value is good as you do get comfort and the added lumbar support does tend to deliver a very good user experience.


Motion isolation is stellar with this product, it does a great job in removing any motion feeling for the others that sleep on the mattress, and that does matter quite a lot. There are situations where people found the Serta iComfort to come with a very distinct odor that comes with most memory foams but it will go away over time.


Sure, the overall support is good and the value is there, but that maybe not be for everyone, please make sure you try them out in the store, all mattresses aren’t made for everyone. The Serta iComfort is a well manufactured mattress and very comfortable.




Is the Serta iComfort a good investment? It is, especially because it manages to bring in front so much value in a great package. It features a multitude of great features and while it does have its fair share of downsides, it’s a nice investment. You should totally check it out if you want a good mattress. Come check out Tampa Mattress Outlet for the best selection of Serta iComfort series. Tampa Mattress Outlet is running many specials on these mattresses.