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4 Ways To Lessen Allergies And Sleep Better

Allergies and Sleep




The dreaded allergy season is upon us, and with that comes a whole host of problems. One of the biggest side effects of allergies is the inability to get a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s because you are constantly coughing and blowing your nose, or being unable to breathe normally, sleeping can be a large problem when dealing with allergies. But how can we address this problem? In this article, we will be discussing four of the best ways to help reduce your allergies so that you can sleep longer and better.



Clean Your Nose



When allergens attack, it is mostly through your nose. Any kind of mold, dust, and allergen enter into your nose through your nasal passages. They attach themselves to the membrane in your nose, causing inflammation. Inflammation causes swollen and stuffy noses, and a difficult time for sufferers. However, one of the easiest ways to address this is to use nasal irrigation. The purpose of nasal irrigation is to use water and cleanser to gently remove any allergens and mucus that is clogging your nose and making your sleeping much harder.



Use Newer Antihistamines



One of the best ways to resolve your allergies and the effects that it has on your life is to use some of the newest antihistamines. Whereas older versions and formulas for antihistamines would make you more awake, and prevent you from being able to get sleep, new formulas are specifically created so that they do not interfere with your sleep.  You can take medication, and help to improve your symptoms while keeping your sleep schedule the same. This means that you will feel better, and not have the same annoying symptoms, while still being able to fall asleep and stay asleep.



Use Eucalyptus Oil When You Shower



One of the best ways to help reduce your allergies is to utilize the power of eucalyptus oil. The easiest way to begin to use it is to use in when you shower. If you enjoy hot showers, you can utilize the steam to help spread the eucalyptus oil. You can add a few drops of essential oil to your loofa, add unscented soap, and lather your entire body. By spreading the oil to your entire body, you will be able to open your sinuses and soothe your throat easier and faster.



Avoid Going Outside in the Early Morning



While the early bird gets the worm, he also gets severe allergies. The time in which the most pollen is released and in the air is between the hours of 5 to 10 am. While the exact reasons are not known, it is something that researchers have found in study after study. In order to prevent yourself from being bogged down during the day by early morning allergies, it is advised that you avoid going outside before 10 am as much as possible. You will not be hit by as many allergens, and you will be able to get a better night sleep. 

Survival Guide For Sleep During The Holidays

Holidays can be a pretty daunting and rough time, especially when it comes to sleep so you do need to work hard and do whatever it takes to sleep less yet better. This is what it means to protect yourself during the holidays, and sleep is surely a major part of that.




Try to sleep whenever you can


Even napping can help you during the holidays, because there will be plenty of situations in which you will have sleep issues and you need to address those firsthand. The reality is that there are a few hours here and there where you can relax, so when you are not preparing for the holidays you should try to get some sleep, as that is essential all the time.


Avoid stress


Stress will cause lack of sleep, and if you want to stay healthy you want to solve that issue right off the bat. It’s very hard to deal with lack of sleep, and this is why making sure that you can find the best results will surely pay off. Stress can be bad and you should definitely try to avoid it the best way you can.


Create a sleep schedule


Sleeping is very important and you do need to try and find the best outcome all the time. A schedule can be hard to create in this situation, especially with the holidays and all of that, but do try to think about how you can organize your time in a better manner.


Plan ahead


If you go and visit your parents, then take turns with your friends or wife and make sure that you can catch some sleep on the go. Whatever sleep situation you might be facing, it’s important to ensure that you face it firsthand and in a proper manner, because this is the only way to achieve extraordinary results in the end.


Be flexible


Always try to be flexible when it comes to your sleep schedule. It might be hard to pull off the results you want, but this is why making sure that you have flexibility and the ability to change your sleep schedule can definitely help you a lot here.


Don’t drink late in the night


Late night drinking will always hamper with sleep, so a very good idea is to avoid this altogether, as it’s not ok to do such a thing at all. Never drink too much, and especially during the night!


In conclusion, even if the holidays are close, you should immediately adjust your sleep schedule. Remember that the more time you invest in this, the better the results will actually be, so keep that in mind!

Can Aromatherapy Help You Get A Better Night's Sleep?

Study show that is it becoming increasingly difficult for those of us living fast paced live to get to sleep and stay asleep. With smart phones and laptops taking up residence on the bedside table and countless other flashing lights to contend with, how can expect to relax enough to sleep? And this is where the real problem lies. We all know too well the feeling of switching off the light and immediately feeling our minds become frantic, anxious about unfinished tasks, replaying conversation we had throughout the day. In order to fall asleep we need to find that perfect level of relaxation and there are many meditative tips to help you do this. But one aid that can help you drift peacefully to sleep is aromatherapy.




Aromatherapy is simply using plant extracts and oils to aid the body naturally in healing – mind, body, and spirit. There are two main ways of using aromatherapy to enhance your sleeping pattern. The first is by using a bath. Baths are already symbols of relaxation, and adding some essential oils can deepen that relaxation considerably. The second method is by dispersing the essential oils into the air by using a diffuser. This methods works well for those who have trouble staying asleep, as it can be used throughout the night. So if you do happen to wake, you won’t have trouble reaching that relaxing sleep level again.







To use these oils in the bath you will want to add just a few drops to the water. While the oils are calming, they can become stimulating in higher doses. Doses that are too high can also irritate the skin, so less is more in this situation.






Again only a few drops are needed here. A scent that is too string can be overwhelming and distracting. Candle diffusers are a bad idea in the case of sleep aid as they are fire hazards when left unattended.







Recommended oil that has been widely used for relaxation is lavender. Its relaxing scent can help you fall asleep, and stay asleep for longer. However not everyone likes the scent of lavender and those who have high blood pressure are advised not to use lavender regularly or in high doses. Alternatives to lavender are oils such as German and Roman chamomile, marjoram, mandarian, orange, and valerian. In cases where stress is a factor oils like frankincense and ravensara can help a great deal.



Note: If using aromatherapy for the first time for any reason, it is important to consult a qualified aroma-therapist to get the dosage and concentration right for you. 

Trying To Get Fit, Start With A Good Night’s Sleep

Two things that most people seem to desire in life, is more sleep and getting fit. However, neither of these is always easy, but combined they can be. It may come as a surprise to some that just how closely these two correlate. The one thing studies have proven is when we get enough sleep we aren’t hungry as much and we don’t eat as much. Strange that these two things be correlated, but truth be told, they are. When we sleep, our body is regulating two major hormones that control how hungry we get and how often. It stands to say then, that for those who aren’t getting much sleep that they’re more liable to eat more and have bigger issues about controlling their hunger and appetite.





Not only that, when you sleep your body is getting rid of fat a lot easier and better. I know what you’re thinking, how in the world am I losing weight if I’m asleep? While your body is asleep its busy releasing a special growth hormone that helps to break down the fat in your body and build up the muscle mass. Some people have started asking; well how much sleep do I need to get those kinds of results? Honestly, there is no specific right or wrong answer to this. For some this may mean that you may need eight hours of sleep, a friend might need more like ten, whereas some pediatricians recommend about twelve hours for children.



Only you know what the right amount of sleep is for you. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the health benefits of a good night’s sleep. Some other things it can do for you are:



Reduce the risk of many health problems


Including Stroke, Diabetes, heart problems, and a better immune system



Mood Control


We’ve all met a person who with too little sleep turns in to a complete nightmare. Likewise, when you have gotten enough sleep it puts you in a better mood because you feel better when you wake up.



Better Memory


After a night with well rested with sleep, you have a sharper memory and can remember things better as well as retain them. This is especially important in the work force for those who need to pay attention to specific details.



Battle mental illness better


Lack of sleep, leads to many things such as anxiety and depression. For those who aren’t getting enough sleep this means they are typically more depressed and moody. People who suffer from depression are less likely to find motivation to be active which means they’re also more likely to suffer from weight gain.



As you can see, not getting enough sleep doesn’t just affect us when we get up in the morning. It directly correlates with most of our body functions as well as the risk factors for certain diseases and illnesses. More sleep means we are happier, healthier and keep our bodies stronger. 

What Mattress Is Best For Lower Back Pain

Having lower back pains is something that we encounter very often nowadays, and because of that it’s important to always try and find new ways that you can use in order to protect your back from such issues. Unfortunately, they will appear whenever we come back from work, especially for those persons that are working at the office. There are solutions however, and the best one comes in the form of a mattress that is dedicated specifically for those persons which have to deal with a lower back pain.




Set personal preferences


There is no specific mattress that will work for all persons which have lower back pain. If it meets the standards of comfort and support that you need in order to get a good night’s sleep, then that is definitely the mattress you are looking for, so keep that in mind at all times.


Understand the physical components of the mattress


All mattresses have coils and inner springs; however the number of coils and springs will vary greatly, depending on the situation. You will need to opt for the ones that bring the most comfort for the lower back area. You need to choose a specific type of padding, which you like and which feels the most comfortable, as well as a lower number of coils and a specific depth that you find great, all depending on your personal preferences.


Get a medium firm mattress


Although there are many types of mattresses for lower back pain alleviation, the reality is that the best ones and most affordable is definitely a medium firm mattresses. These aren’t as tight as the firm mattresses and the results are more than impressive in this regard.


Get a balance between comfort and back support


You do need to find a balance between back support as well as comfort, as these two things are going to be a little challenging most of the time. You can find a balance though, but you need to maintain it and this can be the true challenge that you need to face in the long run.


Consider the right time


Finding a new mattress is essential if you need to make sure that your back won’t hurt that much all the time. It can be very hard most of the time, but the reality is that the results can be well worth it as long as you invest in a sturdy, professional mattress that will help you lower the back pain.


In conclusion, it’s essential to invest in a good, reliable mattress that will help alleviate the back pain. It’s essential to do so and rest assured that the experience will be great in the end. Do follow these ideas, and rest assured that the mattress you will purchase will be a lot better than expected!

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