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What Side You Sleep On May Mean More Than You Think

The way you sleep does say a lot about you and even if you might not take it into account, it’s definitely showing you a lot of stuff that might have been missed for quite some time.




The sleep position affects your dreams first and foremost because after a test on more than 700 different persons, it was pretty clear that sleeping with the belly down can lead to some scary and very demanding dreams. That on its own is a really exciting experience for some but the reality is that the way you sleep will also affect the energy input.


Basically, if you tend to sleep with the face down you will end up getting quite a lot of fatigue while sleeping on the side seems to be a better way to sleep for many people. However there is no specific way to sleep that will satisfy all people and because of that it’s a very good idea to optimize your sleep patterns efficiently as that’s how you get to improve the way you sleep in the end.


The cool thing about sleeping is that it always manages to offer a good and relaxing time regardless of how much time you actually spend sleeping. You need to focus the best way you can on making your sleep patterns simpler and easier to cope with, as that’s a crucial thing to keep in mind.


And even if some sleep positions are great for some of us, they might not work for everyone which is what matters the most. You should always try to focus on results and make sure that you avoid the sleep postures that make you dream badly.


What you need from your sleep patterns is relaxation and many times achieving such a thing is very hard to do. Sleeping, pretty much like other things, is all about experimentation and you need to try and figure out new ways of sleeping because they might offer you a nice set of results which is really important and with a great outcome to begin with.


It’s definitely important to try and sleep for as much time as you can regardless of what sleep position you might end up using. For kids, usually it’s a good idea to let them sleep on the back but as you grow up you should try to find the one position that is great for you and which offers you relaxation.


Remember, some sleep positions can lead to fatigue so it’s crucial to avoid such a thing the best way you can! Then you also have issues like lack of concentration, so you should definitely try to put yourself to sleep the best way you can. It might take a while until you get the outcome you want, but rest assured that the results will be more than impressive in the end!


Do Some Spring Cleaning For A Better Night's Sleep!

Once a year, we try to do some spring cleaning and freshen up our homes. Through a cold winter, we tend to become a little lazy when it comes to cleaning, because we would much rather gather and keep warm, with a nice bottle of eggnog and smores. This is what makes Spring such a perfect time for giving our homes a clean. However, we often ignore or forget to address our mattresses, which also need to be cleaned time and again. Our bedrooms are also important rooms in our home, as its the place we most often relax and gain peace of mind, but this change can also be beneficial in getting a better night's sleep.




Cleaning your mattress is fairly easy to do, with some guidance. If you have never done this before, you should definitely consider starting this year. A dirty mattress can be responsible for causing not only dust mites (tiny spiders which feed on dead skin cells, ew), but also mould and harmful chemicals.



The first step is to regularly vacuum your mattress to get rid of dust and dirt particles. The easiest option is to do this when changing your bed sheets, as you are most likely cleaning elsewhere and doing the vacuuming. Your next step would be to use an upholstery cleaner, such as one used for couches, as they are usually safe for most skin types (be cautious if you are sensitive). If you have any stains, you should consider using an enzyme cleaner or a lemon-based cleaner, allowing it to sit and soak for around five minutes.



For blood stains, you can use hydrogen peroxide to remove most of the stain. Blot it with a dry white cloth when the liquid starts bubbling. If you are going to rinse the mattress with water, make sure it's cold! Hot water cooks proteins, making them even harder to get out. You can further freshen your mattress by using baking sofa overnight and vacuuming it off the next day. Or spraying cold water with a mixture of lemon, lavender or alcohol, and giving the mattress a chance to air dry (preferably outdoors).



In order to keep the rest of your bedroom relaxing, fresh and clean, try to avoid clutter. If you need to store a lot of stuff, consider decorative storage boxes, or putting the stuff in another room. For closets, add lavender scented drawer paper or baggies, which keep your clothes smelling fresh. Not only is lavender a relaxing smell, but it actually aids in getting to sleep. Keep a spacious and calm environment will ensure you can get an interrupted night's sleep. Finish off by dusting and wiping all surfaces with a cloth and cleaning solution. Finally, vacuum everything to get rid of the dust. Continue this regime during the year by regularly making your bed, opening the windows during the day, and adding some scented candles or aromatherapy.

6 Great Tips On Sleeping With A Cold

Having a cold will always make things bad, but the worst thing is when you want to go to sleep. You won’t really feel like sleeping most of the time but you will need to do it regardless of that. Yet how you can go to sleep with a cold and have a good night’s sleep anyways? Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind.






The sinuses will fill up with mucus and the mucus will make it hard to breathe and sleep. Because of that you should try and opt for a hot shower because this will clean the sinuses, remove the congestion and the stuffy nose all so that you can breathe and sleep better. It’s a very simple thing to do and you also get to take care of yourself more efficiently which is what matters the most in the end.


Coat the throat


Using hot tea and honey is a very good idea if you have a sore throat. This will always help you go to sleep faster and at the same time it can remove the overall coughing frequency. It might take a little while until you get the best results though but you should definitely keep that in mind.


A saline rinse


A good saline rinse might be a very good solution here because it can curb the mucus and that makes it very easy for you to breathe. It can also help remove the sore throat feeling that you have sometimes which is always a very good idea for sure.


Vapor rubs


Rub vapor on your neck and chest when you are cold, because this will try to improve your cough and in the end you will feel a lot better, which is what matters the most in the end. It’s not a complete cure but it’s a good one and the outcome can be very good in the end.


Banish the dry air from your home


The use of a dehumidifier is a very good idea if you want to breathe easily in your home when you are cold. It will also keep your throat from getting dry as you go to sleep, which does make the entire sleeping experience a lot better!


Eat soup


Eating soup when you are cold will always clear your sinuses and it also integrates a multitude of healthy compounds. It’s one of the healthiest types of food out there and it does bring in front plenty of interesting rewards that will be much appreciated. Just check out the amazing benefits that it can deliver!


In conclusion, even if you have a cold you shouldn’t have a bad sleep. That’s why you should check out the aforementioned ideas and implement them the best way you can into your schedule. This can bring you impressive results in the end, all you have to do is to try them out and rest assured that you will not be disappointed!


5 Life Hacks For A Better Night's Sleep

Everyone feels better after having a good night of undisturbed quality sleep; however some find this a rarity. If they are not struggling to relax and switch off their brains enough to fall asleep then they are woken many times during the night, which leads them to feel as though they have not slept at all. This can affect many aspects of life and result in people getting into a vicious cycle where they feel they are tired and have no energy during the day and at night they cannot give their body the vital rest it needs to prepare for the morning.




1. Say goodnight to modern technology


Long gone are the days when people had a telephone attached to the wall in one room, a TV in the family room and a game meant everyone crowded around and played something out of the box without batteries. Although, modern technology is a great way of keeping in touch with others whether in or out of the house, bedtime should be a time when this contact is cut off.  Instead of using gadgets that emit light to relax, listen to a relaxation recording instead or take a bath. The lights from even smaller gadgets like smartphones don’t allow your brain to shut down as it needs to for a good night’s sleep. The body will register the lights as a sign that it’s daytime, even if your brain knows full well it’s time for bed. Gadgets give the brain a boost and keep your attention meaning the last thing you will want to do is sleep.  Make a time to switch your phone to silent and stick to it so that you are not disturbed by text messages, emails or notifications from social networking sites.


2. Have a regular routine


Set a bedtime for the same time every night. It’s unrealistic for most people to know that they will be in bed and then wake in the morning at the same time, but keep it as close to your schedule as possible. If your evening once in a while is late, don’t lie in the next morning as this will throw your body out of synchronization and you will have to start all over again. It’s better to power nap in the day than to spend the whole morning in bed.


3. Avoid alcohol before bed


Drinking before bed, even a little nightcap can play havoc with your dreams. It has been shown to stop your brain from reaching the deep sleep mode which can reduce your concentration, memory and ability for the brain to recalibrate for the next day.


4. Opt for caffeine free refreshments


You may not think your energy drink or coffee that perked you up towards the end of your working day is still lurking around at bedtime, but it very well can be. This can keep you more alert after work and mean that winding down for bed is extremely difficult.


5. Stay hydrated


Were always taught to stay hydrated throughout the day, but having enough hydration at night is important too. There is no need to flood your system just before bed, but having a few sips of water can stop you from waking up in the night thirsty with a dry mouth. 

Do Women Have More Problems Sleeping Than Men?

Both women and men have problems sleeping from time to time and both can suffer from recognized sleep problems such as sleep apnea and insomnia, however recent studies have shown that women suffer from lack of quality sleep more than men. Unlike other sleep studies the latest have looked at quality of sleep not just the amount a person is getting, which is just as important. Women on the whole were the sex that was most likely to suffer from getting off to sleep and the quality was lower than men too!




Some may argue that the reason for this is that women are generally the main caregivers to children meaning they have to wake up for night feeds and deal with bad sleep habits of children, but that has proved not to always be the case. The results showed that whether the women in the study had children or not they suffered equally. Women bringing up children alone were the ones that felt they got lest quality sleep, however on waking they did feel more rested than those in relationships.


There have been lots of previous studies into why women seem to have worse sleep than men, however there is yet to be a conclusive result. One though is that certain health problems that are predominantly suffered by women are more likely to affect the quality and quantity of their slumber.


Heart Diseases



Women that died in America were more likely to pass away from heart disease than any other problem, despite it being also the highest cause for men too they are more likely to recover after a heart attack partially due to delay in seeking help and receiving necessary care. The studies into heart disease tend to favor men as subjects which has also caused different symptoms in women to go unnoticed or undiagnosed.






Depression is diagnosed in women more than men so it’s no wonder that more research is being asked for in a bid to find better preventative measures, treatments and symptom recognition. 




Although both sexes can suffer from an STD and generally do there seems to be more complications as a result for women. Unfortunately the worst of the STDs are easily misdiagnosed for something completely different such as a yeast infection, which is why specialists are urging for women to seek further medical attention if their symptoms persist after treatment.


Eating Disorders


Eating disorders are another problem that can affect men and women; however those suffering from bulimia and anorexia are more likely to be women. Around 5% of sufferers are thought to be male. The reason for this is thought to be media and fashion making women feel pressured into looking like their favorite idols.


All of the above problems are known to cause discomfort and problems in women’s ability to sleep at night. Not only the symptoms but also worry before and after diagnosis. Women are more likely to spend time pondering over their health where as many men take the approach to deal with it another day if their symptoms are not too bad. This can cause an extremely vicious cycle where a decent sleep pattern is never achieved. During menstruation time a woman’s temperature rises slightly which can mean they are not able to keep still during the night throwing the covers off and tossing and turning to get comfortable. By the morning they think they have slept all night, but have been unable to reach the deep state of sleep that is necessary to benefit from rest to recuperate for the next day. 



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