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10 Reasons to Visit Mattress Outlet

Are you on the hunt for a new mattress? If the answer is yes, then you should know that there is a perfect mattress for everyone and Mattress Outlet is committed to helping you find your perfect mattress. Do you know which type of mattress is the most suitable for your body type and sleeping position? Are you waking up in the morning in pain and feeling exhausted? We can help you select the best mattress for your needs, allowing you to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day’s events.


  1. Customer Service Experience – Our friendly, knowledge and experienced staff will offer expert recommendations in order to determine which mattress is going to serve you the best. We happily provide you with a one-on-one consultation to find that perfect mattress to meet your needs.
  2. Factory Seconds – The majority of business conducted at Mattress Outlet is from our extensive inventory of high quality, brand name “factory seconds” mattresses. These are overstocks, discontinued models, closeouts, floor models and mattresses that have cosmetic blemishes or perhaps a minor tear or scuff. Even a mattress that has just had the plastic wrapping compromised (by even a tiny hole or tear) is considered a factory seconds mattress.
  3. Inspection Process – The mattresses we carry have been put through a rigorous 10-point inspection from the manufacturer. They are then sent to the country’s #1 supplier of factory seconds (who we purchase our mattresses from) and put through another 13-point inspection. We will NEVER offer a mattress that has been structurally compromised EVER.
  4. No Smoke or Mirrors – Mattress Outlet is 100% up front, no frills and no pushy salespeople. We encourage our customers to check over everything with a fine tooth comb before taking home their new mattress.
  5. Low, Affordable Prices – We receive the highest factory discounts by making high volume factory purchases.  In turn, we pass those savings on to our customers to provide you with high quality mattresses at the lowest prices possible.
  6. Brand Name Mattresses – We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality mattresses by offering mattresses from the biggest players in the industry. Our extensive inventory includes mattresses from Sealy, Tempur-pedic, Serta, Stearns & Foster, Simmons and more.
  7. Our Guarantee – Our #1 priority at Mattress Outlet is to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase and the customer service they received when visiting our store. Helping you find your perfect mattress is our business.
  8. It’s Not About the Price Tag – To be frank, there are many mattress stores out there that push you purchase the more expensive mattresses that they offer. Our concern is not that you purchase an expensive mattress, it is that we help you find the mattress that meets your needs and expecations.
  9. Warranties – We stand behind the products that we carry. With each mattress and box spring that is purchased, we offer our overstock warranty. We are also proud to offer extended warranties available to our customers if they wish to have one for their mattress purchase.
  10. Our Mission – Mattress Outlet’s mission is simple: to provide the best mattress possible to our customer, at a price that keeps them UNDER their budget, while providing the best possible customer service in the industry.


Mattress Outlet stands behind our products 100% and we are proud to be able to offer great bedding options at largely discounted prices. We refuse to have any product compromise our integrity as a store. If you’re looking for a high quality, brand name mattress in the Tampa area at an affordable price, then look no further than Mattress Outlet. You won’t be disappointed.

Hunting Down Cheap Mattresses in Tampa, FL

Before you start looking for a mattress and you already have one, let’s see if you need to change it. Are tired when you wake up? Do you feel nervous? Do you feel pain in the neck and back? Do you find your couch to be more comfortable for sleeping? Is your mattress over seven years old? Are there body shapes on the places of the mattress where you sleep?


Hunting Down Cheap Mattresses in Tampa, FL


Think about these questions and answer them. If most of these questions have affirmative answers, then there is something wrong with your mattress and it is definitely the time to start looking for a new one! If your mattress is more than 7 years old, then you should seriously consider buying a new one.


Even if you bought a mattress with a warranty of 10 years or more, it doesn’t mean that you will have quality sleep all the time. The guarantee is for the minimum duration of the mattress and a sort of confirmation from the manufacturer about the specific physical characteristics of the product and how they won’t change over time. Think about it as a warranty that you have bought a quality mattress. However, the real duration of the product is something totally different. For example, it depends on your sleeping habits, on the way you take care of the mattress, etc. Furthermore, the mattress may keep the most important physical characteristics but nevertheless cause problems when you try to sleep on it. Keep in mind that you and your body change too. Our body is continuously changing and constantly requires new adjustments. 


Not many people maintain the same shape of their body over a period of seven years or more. A lot of things can happen during these years – change in weight, sleep habits, lifestyle, aging and much more. Remember that you have not bought your mattress for eternity; the most important thing is to have good sleep.


Now that you know why and when you should buy a new mattress, or if this is the first time you are buying your mattress, let’s see what your options are. There are literally dozens of stores that sell mattresses and it is really difficult to choose which one has the best products. That’s why you need to be careful and be sure of exactly what you need.


There are, however, a few things that every potential buyer of mattresses needs to consider. These things include:

-      The type of mattress - there are several types of mattresses and each of them has its own advantages (memory foam mattress, innerspring mattress, latex mattress, etc.)

-      The size – make sure it is the right size for your bed

-      The price – try to find the best quality for the price


If you live in Tampa, Florida or near this area, you should know that there are several stores that are offering mattresses. But if you are looking for a place that has cheap and quality mattresses, then you are looking for Mattress Outlet. This store has hundreds of mattresses to offer you and with the help of their qualified staff you can easily choose the best one for you. 

How To Maintain Your Mattress

Having a high-quality mattress is one of the most important factors for achieving a comfortable, good nights sleep and that's why mattresses need to be carefully maintained. With proper maintenance, you can extend the longevity of the mattress and you can also increase the quality of your sleep. The following are a few tips that will help you take care of your mattresses the proper way.  


Avoid Testing Their Limits
Although mattresses are usually produced to resist a lot of pressure, they are often destroyed in a short period of time because of bending and jumping on them. Of course, this occurrence is most common in children's rooms and children's mattresses because kids often view mattresses as a perfect item to play with or use them as a playground. But besides children, many adults can also ruin their mattresses without even knowing it. Many people sit, eat, watch TV, work on their laptops and do other types of activities on the mattresses, although these activities should be done on another type of surface. Remember that your mattress is there to provide you with a comfy and healthy sleep surface while you enjoy dreaming - and not for other activities that eventually lead to its destruction. Avoid all other activities on your bed and use it for sleeping.  


Clean Your Mattress Thoroughly
People tend to sleep in the same spot in a similar position. So after a certain period of time, you will begin to notice how your mattress is getting “dents” in the form of your body. In order to avoid that, you should occasionally rotate the mattress. If you don't want to forget when to do it, try rotating it on the start of each season. When it comes to the way it is rotated, at first you can rotate it by replacing the areas where your head and legs were, and when you rotate it for the second time you can turn it on the other side. The same thing applies for mattresses used by both adults and children. With this regular rotation, you will keep your mattresses in a better state and you will increase their durability because the “dents” from certain parts of our body (like the hips, for example) can damage your mattresses after awhile. So, generally speaking, rotating the mattresses every 3 months is the best way to carry out this task but changing the sides even twice a year can be useful too. Using the vacuum cleaner once a week is a must. In doing so, you will remove the dust, dirt and maybe some bacteria that are dwelling in the mattress. In cases where there may be an unpleasant smell coming from the mattress, you can use baking soda before you start vacuuming. You can also use lavender. Remember that you should leave these substances for 15-30 minutes before you start vacuuming. 


In addition to these guidelines, you should also make sure that your bed foundations are good and you can also use protectors for the mattresses. If you stick to these tips, your mattresses will last much longer than you'd expect and your sleep will improve too!



How Can Mattresses Affect Your Sleep?

An estimated one-third of our life is spent sleeping and almost 35% percent of the day passes in bed. The aim to spend time sleeping is to rest and recharge yourself for the next day. A good night's sleep helps our spinal discs to re-hydrate, recover from the strain and regain elasticity. It is very important for us to know the quality of a mattress because it decides how blissfully or terribly we sleep. In order to obtain and maintain adequate deep and quality sleep, making a decision to purchase the proper mattress is required. It is important to remember that small differences in mattress support, soft, medium or firm, will affect your sleeping pattern. Fragmented sleep can be caused by a number of reasons, like surroundings and environment, but more often it results from poor pressure point relief due to sleeping on an uncomfortable low quality mattress.


How Can A Mattress Affect Your Sleep


One way in which your mattress can affect your sleep is the effect if has on the blood vessels that run just below your skin. We spend most of our sleeping time lying on any of our body parts, which causes the blood flow in veins to become limited and our skin becomes deprived of nutrients and oxygen. For this purpose we need to choose the kind of mattress that ensures the lowering of pressure points in our body and also full night's sleep.


We sleep in different body positions like on our side, back and in between, and each of these positions causes our body parts to bear varying weights. A well designed mattress will be the one which is orthopedically sensitive regardless of the body position in which we sleep and manufactured with good quality foam to give complete support and cushioning that we need while sleeping. Mattresses manufactured with high quality foam will allow air circulation throughout the mattress and a lot of breathability will reduce sweating during sleep. A good quality mattress is manufactured using a temperature sensitive material which allows the mattress to adjust itself to your individual body heat and body weight. No matter if the outside temperature increases or decreases, your mattress remains softer and firm providing you a good night’s sleep. This indication of a quality mattress depends upon the fabric which can act like a thermostat so that you sleep undisturbed in whatever climate.


Purchasing a low quality mattress that is not designed to suit your sleeping patterns can cause an array of problems for you. Frequently needing to walk around, fragmented sleep, back and neck pain are the indications of bad mattress. Research proves that the functioning of your mattress can either rob you of sleep, or encourage it. If your mattress is of good quality, it reduces tossing and turning, provides proper spinal support, proper head alignment, boosts up blood circulation and will also cushion the pressure points of your body. Similarly a bad, low quality mattress will result in back sores, neck sores and will prevent the cushioning of your body's pressure points, resulting in fragmented sleep or no sleep at all.

Time For A New Mattress?

Selecting the perfect mattress is just a matter of taste. Tastes, choices and preferences vary from person to person. Tom might be interested in a thick mattress, whereas Harry may be fond of a thin layer mattress. It is no exaggeration that no size, style or stuffing fits all. In order to know which mattress will suit you the best and in particular is your undecided favorite, try discarding the ones that you don’t like. This will make it extremely easy for you to decide which one is the right mattress for you. Whenever evaluating your mattress, always keep three prime characteristics in mind: comfort, support and space. The mattress which adheres to all three of these characteristics will prove the best for you.


Time For A New Mattress

Before buying a mattress, always put your lifestyle, needs and interests in the limelight. Your lifestyle will help you decide what color, style and build quality you should have. Your needs will determine what mattress will prove to be beneficial for your health, physique and sleeping habits. Whereas, your lifestyle will also help you evaluate the cost or money you can likely invest in a mattress. All these traits are very much important in determining the ideal mattress for you, your partner or your family. You can always lie down on a mattress at a retailers store and feel it thoroughly by even making a couple of turns and twist on it. This will enable you to experience the real time touch and feel of the mattress.
For the best results, you can also undergo a sleep test. Just follow the simple steps given below and evaluate the result yourself.
 Choose a mattress
 Lie down on it
 Form a sleeping position on it
 Examine the level of comfort and support it offers
 Ponder upon each and every bit of the mattress
 Try inviting your partner, kids or family to the test
 Ask for a group opinion as well
There are numerous questions that can rise in your mind with time about your mattresses. The answer is simpler than you can even imagine. Your body is the best judge and the best responder. Your body will exactly indicate to you when it’s time for a new one. If you regularly and constantly feel stiffness every morning and experience regular sores, then it’s time to go shopping. Always check your mattress twice a year for any damages, tears or wears. Surely, you will decide the best moment to get rid of your worn out mattress yourself. Even if your judgment is cloudy regarding your new mattress, ask yourself the following simple questions:
 Are you having any physical pains due to your mattress?
 Do you face any sort of physical pain while getting out of bed?
 Is your mattress undergoing any tears or damages?
 Is your mattress starting to dip from any part?
 How old is your mattress?
 Will a new mattress enhance your sleep?
 What is your present sleeping condition on the mattress?
 How many more days or months will your mattress survive?
Time For A New Mattress
After having a self-survey of the mattress, it is very likely that you will come up with a strong conclusion regarding buying a new mattress instantly or not.

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