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8 Common Dreams & What They Mean

Dreams are a fundamental part of the shared human experience, with similar “themes” popping up in the dreams of many different people, some of them continents—and cultures—apart. Obviously, when certain symbols and themes manifest as a common part of the collective unconscious, it’s almost guaranteed that they mean something; check out these 8 common dreams and what they are thought to represent: 


8 Common Dreams & What They Mean


1. The "naked" dream. This profoundly embarrassing dream is one of the most common of all, invariably featuring the dreamer leaving their house or showing up at some very important event missing one key thing: their clothes. These dreams are thought to mean a person is stressed out about a coming event and feeling vulnerable to scrutiny (they most often happen before a person’s wedding day, it’s been found).


2. Dreams of being chased. These (often terrifying) dreams have a pretty direct and logical meaning: Those who have them are experiencing a desire to get away from a situation or person currently affecting their lives. 


3. Dreams of one's teeth falling out. These odd dreams about sudden changes in dental health that lead to tooth loss are thought to symbolize either fears of being found unattractive or feelings of powerless. 


4. Dreams of falling. People who dream of falling until they hit ground are thought to be feeling overwhelmed in day to day life, and often have inadequate support. If you have frequent dreams of falling, it’s advised to try reaching out to someone to talk.


5. Dreams of flying. The complete opposite to the above type of dream, dreams of flying generally symbolize a feeling of accomplishment. If the dreamer is hitting obstacles while flying, however, the dreams are likely to represent concerns about current challenges in the dreamer’s life.  


6. Dreams you have to take a test. Many people who have been out of school for decades continue to experience anxiety-filled dreams of taking academic tests; these dreams are thought to mean the dreamer is concerned about an upcoming evaluation (such as a performance review).


7. Dreams about committing murder. These dreams often shock and trouble people, for obvious reasons, but if you have had one, don’t panic—they’re not only quite common, they tend to simply represent your desire to kill off a part of yourself (which may not always be a negative thing—killing off a bad trait or habit is a sign of growth).


8. Dreams of being trapped. Often very scary, these dreams tend to be symbolic of feeling trapped in a decision you’ve made or being stuck in a commitment that feels overwhelming. If you have a lot of these sort of dreams, they're likely trying to tell you something: It’s time to take a vacation!

What's All The Hype About Tempur-pedic?

There are a lot of different types of mattresses out there, but some are becoming more popular than the others. Tempur-pedic is one brand that has been getting a lot of attention lately due to their own stand alone stores and television commercials with customer testimonials. But, what makes the Tempur-pedic so popular?


What's all the Hype about Tempur-pedic?


A Tempur-pedic mattress has many different benefits for a user. For one, they are very soft and can conform to the different pressure points of someone’s body. This will give someone extra support and help relieve any body pains someone has. This type of mattress is also good because it doesn’t get too soft and some of them today have technology that can customize to a person’s sleeping preference.  


Now, there are also some big tradeoffs that many people have made very clear. The mattress retains the person’s body heat, so at night it can be very hot. Over time, the mattress can also wear and start creating body indentations, which can make sleeping more uncomfortable.  


As you can see, there is good and bad hype regarding a Tempur-pedic mattress. It all comes down to what you can afford, your comfort level, and how long you want to have the mattress. Believe some of the hype, but you be your own judge to get the right mattress for you.

The Pros & Cons of Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers have become increasingly popular over the last several years, with many people adding them onto their beds. To many, it adds comfort and support to the bed, and can help prevent sores and other discomforts while sleeping. Much like anything, however, mattress toppers have their advantages and disadvantages. These pros and cons, of course, vary on the material the mattress topper is composed of.


The Pros & Cons of Mattress Toppers


There are four different varieties of mattress toppers, all consisting of different materials and substances. The first type is made of pressure relieving foam, which is either made of latex foam or visco-elastic foam (also known as Memory Foam), the latter being more popular. Its special “open cell” construction scatters a person’s weight, reducing high pressure areas. It also helps prevent sores and discomfort very adequately. However, some of the disadvantages include people finding the Memory Foam too hot or hard to turn over on, and that it adds height to the bed, which could be dangerous depending on how tall the bed is already. Memory Foam can also be pricy, but that is a grievance people have about mattress toppers, regardless of material.


There are also mattress toppers made of Australian Medical Genuine Sheepskin Wool. These mattress toppers are a bit different because they are placed on top of the bottom fitted sheet, meaning a person sleeps on it. They are said to be very comfortable, with springy, thick and soft wool fibers that distribute body weight and pressure points over a large area, while driving moisture away from the skin. It also reduces friction and skin tearing, as well as staying cool in summer and staying warm in winter. In addition, it is machine washable and dryable. However, these toppers are NOT synthetic (the consumer needs to decide if that’s a pro or con!), and not all sheepskin is created equal;  Your best option is to choose a sheepskin with an optimum therapeutic wool pile that meets the Australian Standard 4480.1 for Australian Medical Sheepskins.


Gel & foam toppers are also fairly popular. They distribute weight more evenly to relieve pressure and they have a non-shear & low friction surface. However, some find them too hot. There are also ones with alternating air pressures, which are equipped with a pump. They have rows of air cells inflate and deflate alternately so pressure continually changes on any given point. The main grievance with those is that the motor’s noise could agitate a person, especially one who is trying to sleep. Also, a person must be able to tolerate pressure in certain areas of the body, thus making these mattress covers not universal.


Investing in a good mattress topper can make all the difference in a person’s comfort level while in bed. They have many different variations, so the selection process can be exciting. Hopefully, you can find the right one for you to make your sleeping experience even better!


Frequent Traveler? Here's How To Overcome Jet Lag

You have probably heard the term jet lag and although you may have flown frequently in the past, you have never felt jet lagged. Or maybe you have felt it, but didn’t know if it’s really jet lag that you are dealing with or something else. The term jet lag is actually a medical term used to describe a desynchronization in the body caused by flying via a plane through different time zones. Although this may sound a little bit frightening, the truth is that this clinical syndrome can be treated very quickly. Jet lag is actually a disorder of the physiological-biological rhythm and this disorder is usually manifested through insomnia and fatigue. This term was first used in the Los Angeles Times in the 60s. 


How To Overcome Jet Lag


It is interesting to mention that jet lag occurs more often when people are traveling to the east compared to those who are traveling west. This condition can be very unpleasant for professional athletes who often travel to some sporting events on different continents. According to some studies, athletes face decreased performance of up to 10% because of jet lag. Typical symptoms of jet lag include – trouble with sleeping, fatigue, digestive problems, headache, mood changes, disorientation, reduced concentration, etc. No matter if you are just a tourist or business traveler, or maybe a professional athlete, jet lag can cause you problems and luckily there are some things that can help you overcome this situation.


In order to avoid the negative effects of jet lag, try to prepare yourself before you board the airplane. A few days before you travel, try to go to bed and wake up at the same time. This is useful not only because of the flight but for your health in general. However, depending on the place where you need to go (whether it is east or west) you should go to bed and wake up earlier or later. Of course if the time zone is completely different you won’t be able to follow this tip completely. While you are on the plane try to relax and sleep. You can use earplugs or even a mask to help you fall asleep faster. Avoid alcohol and drinking water in large amounts because alcohol will make you feel exhausted, while drinking a lot of water will make you go to the restroom more frequently disrupting your sleep. In addition, you can do some relaxation exercises that will help you feel better. If you are traveling to a really distant destination, it’s better to make a stop on that route for at least one day. Wherever you are, adjust your clock to the local time and try to organize your sleep and all your activities according to local time. Don’t forget that it will probably take one day before you catch the new rhythm so use the first day to relax and schedule all your meetings or more demanding tasks for the day after. Avoid any type of intensive physical activity during the first day.


As you can see, jet lag is not something that should ruin your trip. By following these tips you can prevent and overcome possible jet lag symptoms easily. 

4 Benefits Of Sleeping On A Latex Mattress

We all know that purchasing a good mattress is crucial if we want to have a good night’s sleep, however it can be hard to determine which type of mattress is the perfect fit for us. Some of the best types of mattresses you can find on the market are the latex ones, because they are very light yet they provide great sleep.


4 Benefits Of Sleeping On A Latex Mattresses


Latex mattresses actually provide you with a wide range of benefits, and we will talk about the most important ones in this article.


1. Comfort


By far one of the most important things when it comes to latex mattresses is the fact that they are very comfortable. They actually contour based on the shape of your body, so you will have amazing sleep with such a mattress, something that’s nothing short of amazing. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, then the latex mattress is definitely the one that suits your needs in this regard.


2. Durability


The latex material makes the mattress very durable and resistant, which means that you won’t have a problem keeping such a mattress for years and years. They outlast normal mattresses by more than 5 years usually, so they are certainly a great investment, because they save you a lot of money and they are also really good for your health.


3. You aren't disrupted by your partner moving in bed.


Sometimes during the night your partner will move, it’s something natural. However, what is quite interesting here is that with the help of a latex mattress you won’t have to deal with this problem anymore, because they have movement isolation. This feature alone makes such a mattress worth it, because now you will enjoy much better sleep.


4. Healthy


There are many mattress manufacturers that use unhealthy materials that can have negative affects on your health. This is why you should purchase and use a latex mattress, because it’s so much easier to use and the benefits will definitely be seen much faster. Another major benefit is that the product is friendly with the environment, since it doesn’t include toxic elements, so you can easily and safely dispose of the mattress when you want to purchase a new one.


These are the major benefits you can get from purchasing a latex mattress. As expected, there are lots more, such as the fact that it has no smell and it’s very easy to maneuver. If you want to purchase a reliable mattress that won’t cost you a lot, yet brings numerous benefits to your health, all you have to do is to get a latex mattress! Such a purchase can literally change your life since you will sleep a lot better, have more energy and feel healthier!

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